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Box Of 10 Lost Mary 3500 Puffs | 64.49£ Only | Vapes Wholesale UK

Box Of 10 Lost Mary 3500 Puffs | 64.49£ Only | Vapes Wholesale UK

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  • Puffs: Up-To 3500 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 650 mAh Built in Battery Also rechargeable
  • E-liquid: 10.5ml Pre-Filled, Non refillable
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg
  • Size: 69 × 41 × 19 mm
  • It offers an excellent range of flavours
  • Gives you smooth vaping experience
  • Draw Activation
  • Unique style design
  • Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket
  • Type-C charging
  • 22+ fresh flavours in gradient looks

What are the most popular flavors available for the Lost Mary 3500 disposable vape?

The Lost Mary 3500 disposable vape offers a variety of flavors catering to different preferences. Some of the popular flavors include fruity options, icy mint, and dessert-inspired tastes. Be sure to explore the various options to find the flavor that suits your preferences best.

How can I purchase Lost Mary 3500 puffs in bulk, and what are the benefits?

Purchasing Lost Mary 3500 puffs in bulk can be done through authorized distributors and online retailers. By buying in bulk, customers can often take advantage of lower prices per unit, leading to overall cost savings. Additionally, bulk buying ensures a more consistent supply for regular use or reselling purposes.

What distinguishes the Lost Mary BM3500 disposable vape from its competitors?

The Lost Mary BM3500 offers up to 3500 puffs, granting users a longer-lasting vaping experience compared to some other disposable devices on the market. Moreover, the BM3500 is rechargeable, giving users the flexibility to recharge the device if the battery runs low before reaching the advertised puff count.

Is the Lost Mary BM3500 rechargeable, and what are the advantages of this feature?

Yes, the Lost Mary BM3500 is rechargeable, which sets it apart from many other disposable vapes. This rechargeable feature ensures that you get the most out of each device by allowing you to use the device to its full capacity even if the battery runs low before reaching the expected puff count range. This increases cost efficiency and reduces waste.

Can you provide a comparison between Lost Mary 3500 and Lost Mary 5000 in terms of performance and value?

At this time, there is limited information available regarding a Lost Mary 5000 model. The existing Lost Mary BM3500 disposable vape provides up to 3500 puffs and features a rechargeable battery. If a 5000-puff model were to exist in the future, it would likely differ in puff count, dimensions, and possibly battery capacity. Please keep an eye out for updates regarding new models and variations within the Lost Mary product line.

What are the current deals or discounts available for purchasing Lost Mary 3500 disposables?

To find deals or discounts on Lost Mary 3500 disposables, it is recommended to browse Online Retailers and authorized distributors for seasonal promotions or bulk purchase offers. Keep in mind that deals and discounts may vary by retailer or the specific time you are looking to purchase, requiring some research to find the current offers available.

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